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Spies Online contains a wealth of investigative resources for the private investigator and amateur sleuth alike.  For those who want to learn the art of private investigation, forget about software programs promising to turn you into an online spy. Spies Online will show you how to find someone and conduct a free people search, in some instances.
Looking for someone or something?  Spies Online has a wealth of investigative resources available for private investigators and amateur sleuths alike.

Track Hackers and Spammers * Internet Tools

  • Spies Online Version Of Alexa Toolbar
    Here is a handy free toolbar that is essential for the investigator. Want to know who is behind a certain website immediately as you surf? How much traffic does that site get in comparison to yours or some other site? Find out immediately. Also see what other sites link to this site and other related sites. You can also click one button and find out what that site looked like at any point in time using the Wayback Machine. Send cool sites to your friends without the hassle of copying and pasting URLs into an e-mail. Have instant access to Google and certain reference sites. As if this isn't already enough, this toolbar will automatically block annoying pop-up ads.

    Find out if a domain name is available or who owns it if it is not. Contact postal addresses, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers are available for domains that have been registered.

    Check any domain name in the world.

  • Website Tracker
    Netcraft reports a site's operating system, web server, and netblock owner, and if available, the time since last reboot for each of the computers serving the site.

  • Opus One Traceroute Tool
    Here's a nice traceroute tool.

  • DNS 411
    This site offers a "Smart Whois" search, as well as DNS and reverse DNS lookups.

  • Super DNS Search Gateway
    The site includes many links to DNS information sources.

  • The Elephant's Toolbox
    Here there are lots of tools courtesy of The Church Of The Swimming Elephant.

  • Find An ISP
    Over 9,700 Internet Service Providers are listed here. You may search by area.

  • List Of Domains By Country
    Find out what the two-digit country code is at the end of the domain name.

  • Sam Spade
    There are lots of online tracking tools here, plus a free downloadable version.

  • Ping/Traceroute CGI Gateways offers this handy service.

  • Teknion Tracker
    This site has helpful resources for tracking people down online.

    Here is a free web query to reverse lookup country, state, city, latitude, longitude and ISP by IP address.

  • Translation Services
    Here is a collection of services that offer free translations for websites and blocks of text.

  • The Way Back Machine
    Go back in time and search the Net the way it was years ago using this digital archive.

  • Search Newsgroup Archives
    Search for people and e-mail addresses in the Usenet archives.

  • Mike's Marketing Tools
    Check out Mike's page of free marketing tools. The link popularity checker is great, as it polls many different search engines. Find out what the most popular keywords are that people search for on the Net. Lots of neat stuff here!

  • Link Popularity Checker
    Find out how popular a particular site is. Just enter in a URL and see who links to it.

    Monitor your favorite web pages, and be notified via e-mail when they change - currently a free service.

  • Ports Lookup Database
    Search a large database for official and unofficial port assignments.

There are lots informative sites listed here, but if you know of any other good ones, please contact us.

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